Monthly Archives: December 2016, 12-27-2016

From time to time I read articles on the true cost of producing a product, or of consuming a product.  For example, I have read that the true pollution costs of all the components required to make an electric car far outweighs any advantage in pollution reduction of using the car.  Off hand I can’t remember the exact reasons, but I recall that there are some exotic materials required for electric cars that gasoline powered cars don’t require.  Also, there are the pollution costs of creating the electricity to make an electric car run.  An argument can be made that at least the pollution  is not being produced in the middle of the city where the electric car is being used.

There are similar kinds of arguments for why wind power is not truly a ‘free’ energy source.  There are also practical cost calculations that can be made as to how much energy is saved by having large shade trees surrounding a house.

My idea is to have a Wiki site purely dedicated to analyzing the true costs of anything.  One problem with this type of site is that it would get very political as each side of the debate tries to score points for their side.  The site needs to be dedicated to be an ideologically neutral as possible.  It should be a resource that anyone from any side of the argument could use to support their case.

Here is how one could try to keep the site neutral and objective.  One author, one article.  That is, each person who wants to write an article would write their own article.  Others are free to write comments and suggest improvements to that article, but they cannot directly change the content of the article, as can be done in Wikipedia.  In the comments section other authors can link to articles they believe better state the true cost.